Husband and wife team Bryce and Kerry Moore developed Context Furniture based on inspiration from both the modernism movement and arts and crafts style. As a result they develop work that appeals to people who love modern concepts but enjoy the warmth and detail of handcrafted furniture. The two met in 1998 at the University of Montana in Missoula. Inspired by the study of semiotics, both were exploring communication through alternative methods.

Bryce actively experimented in sculpture and furniture, while Kerry concentrated her efforts on graphic design and video journalism.
The two moved to the Detroit area where Bryce furthered his study of furniture at the College for Creative Studies, and Kerry worked as a graphic designer for the automotive industries. During a prolific period for them both, the lines between their disciplines began to blur. They were intrigued with concepts of simplicity in archetypal forms, finding order in random patterns, and how individualism contrasts with conformity. The messages they wanted to communicate came together in the process, materials and forms of their furniture.